The power of data – reviving Quaker Oats in Netherlands

The power of data - reviving Quaker Oats in Netherlands | FMCG | Marketing Campaign | case study

The Quaker Oats team at PepsiCo wanted to revive a “dusty” brand image and at the same time to launch a new Cruesli flavor in supermarkets. Quaker Oats new flavour campaign encouraged the public to help create and name a new flavour, on the Quaker Oats website. The winning flavour would then be produced at scale and launched in supermarkets with the winner receiving a prize of 10,000 €. However, the true winner was PepsiCo as they received a wealth of data from engaged consumers.

This campaign format was not new to PepsiCo. They’ve done this several times with Walkers and Doritos in the UK. However what was new, was how they went about it.

The Campaign

Instead of relying on purely TV ads and on-pack promotions, they leveraged social media and influencers to reach a wide audience. This campaign included online advertising, social media, TV ads, in-store marketing, and outdoor billboards. They also activated influencers on social media and agencies to reach a broader audience than they could reach. This multi-channel approach reached a diverse audience. All contestants submitted a new flavour and its name along with their contact details.

Once the Quaker Oats team picked the top 3 flavours, they not only asked their consumers to vote for their favourite flavour but also retargeted all the participants who had submitted new flavours, to pick their favourite of the 3.

Along with the announcement of the winning flavour, the Quaker Oats used the data they collected during the campaign to target all the participants to remind and motivate them to buy the new flavour. They also ran social media ads with the message, ‘Be the first to try’, along with an incentive, win the new flavour.

The results

The social media campaign reached over 677,230 consumers, with a high level of engagement, 14%! Through the Agency they hired, they reached an additional 500k consumers.

According to the data provided by PepsiCo to the Mapp team, there were more than 50k submissions during the initial phase, which equated to more than 50k new contacts in their consumer database.

More than 400k votes were submitted on the winning flavour. The cost of getting the votes was 50% lower for the contestants who submitted entries than it was with new voters.

And finally, PepsiCo found that the ROI on interacting with prospects in their database was much higher than engaging and interacting with prospects on their database was far higher than ROI on less targeted campaigns. The positive association with the brand lead to a much higher conversion rate

And now, if you are wondering what the winning flavour was, it was Quaker Cruesli® Frambalicious. The flavour is still available in Netherlands and as popular as ever!

Sources of information: Mapp & Parlez.

Author: Veena Giridhar Gopal

After more than 20 years working in the FMCG/retail sector, Veena is now co-founder & CEO of salesBeat. salesBeat has an AI driven platform that uses micro and macro factors to model consumer buying behaviour and makes predictive recommendations of optimal stock levels to FMCG sales people who sell into supermarkets, distributors & wholesalers, ensuring 100% availability of your brands in store and increasing revenues by up to 30%.

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